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Be the Pond

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A custom piece, released as part of *Perennial Means Bloom Again* collection, available July 1, 2024.  


🪷🪷🪷“Be the Pond” is new life motto, and also a brand new piece using acrylic paint in a thrifted frame. The original painting is preserved in the back, giving both a history and a new life. 27”x31”

This piece was inspired by a post I saw on instagram about a teacher teaching their students to think of each of their internal thoughts and feelings as individual fish… and then to zoom out to imagine themselves as the pond, where each individual “fish” could swim off and go by freely.  The background layers of the pond are meaningful to me — I used the lines of each shade of green to represent data points for myself throughout the year as a first time artist, layered over with lily pads, flowers, and fish. This piece has a secret on the back -- the original artwork from when I thrifted the piece! 

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